Most of you strict cavemen and women out there stay far away from grains, including rice. Though rice doesn’t contain gluten, you still avoid it because the paleo gods might strike you dead if you even think about eating it. But how does someone who wants to put on mass do so while eating paleo? They cheat… with RICE, potatoes, and sometimes dairy! Yes, I said it, even DAIRY (ew)! Rice is a filler. It contains the extra calories needed to add weight to your lifts that you aren’t getting eating strict Paleo. The key is POST workout.

I have linked articles about rice for you to check out. The best advice I can give is to carb backload with rice, and reap the benefits of loading the bar heavier and heavier. That’s what Dave did, and it worked for him. His body-weight went up 10lbs and his bench press went up 40lbs, so eat up people…. Nom… Nom… Nom. I’m cutting weight again for a competition, so instead of eating rice, I just talk about it to take the pain away. lol  ~ enjoy.

The Round-Up On Rice

  • As is so often the case in the paleo world, it’s well worth starting with the great information that Mark Sisson has pulled together.  To find out more about the grain issue in its entirety, read his Definitive Guide To Grains.  Here’s why we should be avoiding grains in the first place, and why it’s the wholegrain part that’s the particular problem.
  • Mark himself views white rice as a fairly “neutral” food.  Not essential in the diet by any means; not to be avoided like the plague.  Find out why, as he asks How Bad Is Rice, Really?
  • Given that my new-found appreciation of white rice was triggered by The Perfect Health Diet, here’s a great summary of exactly why the Jaminets include white rice in their eating.
  • And finally, a terrific guest post from Jonathan over at Primal Toad, in which he ponders White Rice: Friend Or Foe?  (This one includes a particularly interesting discussion on how one can factor in rice – and other safe carbs – based on activity level and exercise choices).

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