I just had to share this email…


I would like you to meet my friend Jenn.  I met Jenn a little over a year ago through cycling.  She has a really great story about how she got started in competitive cycling; I will let her tell you.  She is a mother of 4, a wife, a professional (speech pathologist), and a competitive cyclist.  How she manages to do all of this……….I have NO clue!  
Jenn would like to promote women’s cycling on Long Island.  She has many goals, but one would be to put together a team/group of women, get sponsors and make a name on Long Island.  She just started a blog: http://livelovevelo.wordpress.com/.  Check it out!
I worked with Vanessa at Equinox, where we were both trainers.  She now lives in Georgia and is studying to be a Chiropractor.  Her company is called Pretty STRONG (www.prettystrongpowerlifting.com), which has a focus on female powerlifting, but in general, it is a network for competitive, female athletes.  She sent me a message today asking me for some info so she can put my bio on her website, which I will gladly do!
I think these introductions are extremely important for women in sports.  I don’t know a lot about powerlifting, but in the sport of cycling, women are continuously neglected; less prize money, bunching fields together, less coverage, and just a lack of confidence in us.  Everyday more and more women are speaking out and putting forth the effort to make changes, but it is going to take more of us to make things happen.  I think women in all sports need to support one another and speak up about equality!
I will suggest you two to be friends on FB.

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