From our Friends at Lift Big Eat Big

I have a list of sayings that make my blood curdle, and “hey now, at least they’re up and moving” is close to the top of that list. We’ve all heard it before and probably have said it ourselves, but if you think about it, it’s depressing to see how that saying has become a norm nowadays.
We now live in a society where doing the bare minimum required to keep your heart beating is supposed to earn you a pat on the back and a sugar-free cupcake (don’t worry, its only 100 calories…guilt free!). Since when did getting off the couch and moving around become an acceptable form of exercise? You may say, “Hey, at least they are moving around”, and yes, you’re right, that is the least they can do–but the problem is that they shouldn’t be stopping there.  Getting off your ass should be the thing you do when you wake up, not the physical highlight of your day.
90% of the time, I hear this saying when discussing those who walk as their main form of exercise. Sorry, but walking 15 minutes is NOT a workout; it’s a warmup for your warmup. Just for comparison, Alexander’s army marched over 5000 miles from Thessaloniki to the Indus river. That isn’t even counting the stops at tourist attractions or the journey home.
How long would this take you at 15 minutes a day?
Seriously, what happened to the grit that people used to have? My grandpa would call those people “the old breed”. When he lived in Africa, he would run 9 miles to school and 9 miles home everyday, with no shoes. See if you can get one of your fellow Americans to do something remotely intense for even 9 minutes before crapping out, but not before they congratulate themselves for at least “getting off the couch”.
Folks, you shouldn’t be fine with doing the least amount of work. Putting in the least amount of effort will get you the least amount of results. It shouldn’t be enough to simply walk around, you should be challenging your limits almost daily. I understand if you have a debilitating injury that limits your mobility, but most people don’t have debilitating injuries, they are just bloated and lazy.
Directions on walking, in case you forgot.
Walking isn’t the only “workout” that is the main form of exercise for many people, another popular one is yoga. While claimed to be an ancient practice, it is anything but. It’s 60-90 minutes of stretching and breathing, and that’s supposed to be a workout? People claim that yoga makes you skinny. False, I see it as another activity for wealthy white women. It may be great for stretching and finding your inner chai tea, but it is no replacement for actual weightlifting.

My impression of yoga is that it is a practice which teaches you that your body is a vessel of sickness and toxins that must constantly be purged. They also tell you to put your body in very unsafe positions and that tingling, pain, nausea and blacking out means you are doing it correctly (they actually said that blacking out is normal during our yoga class).

Here at Lift Big Eat Big, we don’t believe in mediocrity, and if you are a reader then you shouldn’t either. Strive to reach your potential in everything you do, especially in your workouts. You will be sitting or laying down for more than 18 hours a day, why not give your training 100% for one hour a day? And when you hear others say “at least they’re moving” in regards to a mediocre workout, don’t stand for it. Instead, encourage these people to do more. The least work produces the least results and when it comes to your body and your health, you shouldn’t strive for mediocrity.

That is all. Go forth, Lift Big and spread the good word.

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