Project Update #9: Uncompromising Honesty: the tone of the film

Posted by MakeLikeAMonkeyProductionsLike

“Life is pain.  Anyone who tells you differently is selling something”

The movie has been mentioned and talked about in various websites online, as well as all over facebook and twitter.  While I highly appreciate this viral exposure and the film certainly needs more of it if we are to reach our goal; I want to address some of the comments I have seen in these places that have an incorrect impression of what my movie will be like.

Some have said that this movie is going to glamorize painting and weightlifting like a “pretty sunset” or a “Nike ad.”  Let me be very blunt about this:  It won’t.  But as the saying goes, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

What a professional painter and weightlifter do to themselves on a daily basis for a chance at catharsis is often brutal and gruesome.  Their chaotic processes are nothing short of torturous and bleak. Their reasons for living such a life; completely misunderstood and wrongly characterized.

My film will hold up a mirror to society.  To question our preconceived stereotypes of two worlds we rarely get to see or understand, and never from more than one angle.

-Adam Scheiner

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