Kat Kasabuske

1. You may have a barbell TRAMP STAMP!

2. You schedule your HAIR appointments prior to big competitions/meets.

3. You paint your NAILS silver to match the BARBELL!

3. You most likely don’t wear MAKEUP to the gym.

5. You don’t need a MIRROR while training.

6. You let out a little GIGGLE after PRs!

7. You wear your lucky CHUCKS  for a night out on the town.

8. Your only cardio includes SPRINTING one block so you don’t miss the bus/train/subway.

9. Your trunk has no room for groceries because it’s full of gym bag EQUIPMENT.

10. You get told on a daily basis by complete strangers, ‘YOU MUST WORKOUT.”

11. Your QUADS are bigger then most people’s waists!

12. You get offended when people say you look SKINNY.

13. The BUTCHERS at your market know you by name and how much you squat.

14. When everyone in the gym STOPS what they are doing to WATCH you do your set.

15. Jeans don’t fit. FORGET ABOUT IT!

16. You get offended when store employees offer to carry HEAVY things to your car for you.

17. You can’t share a squat RACK with someone doing curls or shrugs.

18. You compliment random people on their GLUTE development in public.

19. You’d rather talk about people with names like Konstantins Konstantinovs then Kim Kardashian.

20. You are reading this and thinking of #21….

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