Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect the Weight.


STRENGTH \ˈstreŋ(k)th, ˈstren(t)th\ n.

The capacity one has to withstand great force or pressure. It is the emotional, mental, and sometimes physical qualities necessary in dealing with events that are difficult.

PrettySTRONG Powerlifting was established by and for the ones who defy stereotypes. We lift heavy to be strong and healthy, not for aesthetics or ego. We strive to empower and strengthen those who want to be their best at everything they do because the way you do ONE thing is the way you do ALL things. We are not just powerlifters, but powerLIFErs, who seize every opportunity in life to better our state of being. Our mission is to provide resources for our readers and the highest quality coaching for our athletes. Our passion for the sport drives us to share our knowledge and experience with those also interested in upholding the standard.


What Does it Mean to be PrettySTRONG?

There is more to being PrettySTRONG then the obvious Webster definition of the words. Though that might have been the initial spark of the concept, when a training partner called us “The Pretties” during a bench session. After an eye roll, I followed with,

“Yeah, we’re pretty, alright… PrettySTRONG!”

… and the rest is history. The name stuck.

Historically, powerlifting was not a female dominated sport. Over more recent years, the sport has been drastically influenced by feminine energy, which brings a much more diverse pool of intense competition. Some say PrettySTRONG was the original catalyst that sparked the increase in female membership, but we always acknowledge the mentors that have been in the sport for decades prior to its popularity. We also acknowledge the influence Crossfit and other female influenced lifting companies have played in the role of multiplying the number of X chromosomes on the platform.

pretty STRONG shoes

Est. 2010

PrettySTRONG Powerlifting was established in 2010 by Sara Cichorek and Vanessa Gale in NYC. Since then, PSPL has coached countless novice to elite lifters on and off the platform to the IPF level. We have also expanded our coaching team across the country to better serve the needs of our athletes. Athletes benefit from our extensive knowledge in movement and biomechanics to correct technical flaws, and perform optimally with spot-on meet day attempt selection and handling. PSPL stands for more than beautifully executed lifts, we stand for human rights and equality for all within and outside of the sport.

Why Team.PSPL?

We have transformed our own lives and the lives of our athletes with not only increased physical strength, but mental and emotional strength.  Powerlifting can be used as a tool to find out more about yourself everyday. We always ask ourselves and our clients…

Why train?

Why now?


… The answers are always unique, and that’s why we’re committed to providing custom coaching with daily communication (if necessary) between clients and coaches.

Are You a Fit for Team.PSPL?

PrettySTRONG exclusively coaches USA Powerlifting athletes. We do NOT exclusively coach WOMEN. We coach anyone who acknowledges the importance of excellent form, hard work, and the principle that building REAL strength takes TIME under tension. We enjoy coaching lifters that communicate well with their coach and honestly judge their own RPEs. We subscribe to training SMARTER rather than HARDER. We also encourage team spirit during training sessions, on meet day, and especially on social media. You are always stronger in numbers than you are alone. When you join @Team.PSPL, you truly are joining a family.