Team.PSPL Services

  • Online Powerlifting Coaching
  • Programming and Progress Tracking
  • Weekly Video Review
  • In-person Coaching (if local)
  • Meet Day Attempt Selection
  • Meet Day Warmup Guidance
  • Meet Day Coaching & Handling (if local)
  • Team Training Environment (if local)

What to Expect

Team.PSPL coaches compete and coach exclusively under USA Powerlifting or the IPF equivalent. We uphold the standard of the sport and train our athletes to be master technicians on the platform. We pride ourselves on building technically sound and confident lifters.

We operate under our motto, “Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect the Weight.” We take what is there on meet day, and use our experience and skill to guide you to your next PR performance every time your compete. We train smarter, not harder, as our goal is always optimum performance and injury prevention. The lifter that makes the most lifts is the lifter that has the best shot at winning. #fact

We want our lifters to be confident on meet day, so we suggest that before you register for any competition you’ll want to educate yourself on the USAPL Technical Rules. Your PrettySTRONG coach is extremely competent regarding the rules and regulations set forth by the USAPL and IPF, but by no means will provide all this information through coaching correspondence alone. We advise all athletes to stay current with membership, informed of rule changes, WADA compliance, and equipment updates.

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What’s the Next Step?

We are excited to learn more about your past training experience (if any) and your goals for the future. If you have already messaged the head coach (above), and you are ready to get started, go ahead and fill out the coaching questionnaire and waiver below. This will speed up the process of being paired with a coach that works for you.

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Check Out Our Coaches’ Bios

Vanessa Gale, D.C., USAPL, IKFF

Stephanie Mahan, D.C., USAPL

Amanda Carroll, USAPL