This PrettyStrong powerlifter is a neighbor from the North – born in 1977 and raised in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).  Jen balances her time between being a single mom of two, as a Marketing Manager for a think tank and as a powerlifter.  She picked up her first barbell in January 2010 to get back in shape after track & field injuries resulted in her 7th (and hopefully last) knee surgery.  The heavier she lifted, the lighter she got (110lbs. lost total) – and the more she fell in love with the sport.  Jen competed for the first time in June 2011 and was immediately hooked.  She competed equipped at first and decided to lose the gear in favour of raw power.  She has also competed in some local strongman events and will continue to do so. The only part of this sport she loves more than competing is the opportunities it has created to meet and share her story with some truly amazing women.
Current PRs: Squat 335lbs, Bench 200lbs, Deadlift 445lbs
Raw Powerlifting Results:
CPF Raw Nationals (June 2011 – Waterloo, ON)
Squat 325lbs, Bench 143lbs, Deadlift 341lbs.
PRPA Clash for Cash (November 2011 – New Orleans, LA)
Squat 325lbs, Bench 180lbs, Deadlift 440lbs
Jen Proulx & Vanessa Gale – Waterloo 2011
Upcoming meet: APA Raw Nationals (April 21, 2012 – Defuniak Springs, FL)
Read an article by Jen about her experience sharing STRENGTH SPORTS with children.

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