There is just something about this sport that keeps me going. Whether it be the idea of constantly bettering myself, or the comrodery I get to experience everyday with all of my teammates. Powerlifting is one of the best things that has ever happened to me! Along with lifting, I’m also a chiropractic student at Life University in Atlanta, Gerogia. I moved here from Houston, Texas, where my dad is currently in practice as a chiropractor. My mom is involved in the office as a health coach, and my two younger siblings are very involved in their own sports. I come from a family of hard work and dedication, so naturally starting a career in one of the most demanding, tough, and challenging sports just made sense to me!


In my world, chiropractic and powerlifting go hand in hand—both are constantly testing my mind, body and soul. I love a good challenge! With a rigorous school schedule and a set training plan, I’m always in motion. I started lifting with PrettySTRONG in the fall of 2012, and now I’m on my way to the IPF World Championships in summer 2014! Without the help of Vanessa and all of my amazing teammates, I wouldn’t be anywhere near a spot on the world team. Soon enough I’ll be a certified USAPL coach, and I’ll be on my way to helping others reach their full potential in strength, and overall health! I’ve got about 3 more years here in Atlanta to reach my goals, and break even more life PR’s. My biggest hope is that I will be well equipped enough to start my own powerlifting team when I move back to Houston. There is no value I could put with the amount of time, support, and love I have gotten from team PrettySTRONG. This team is truly my family now!


I am so incredibly blessed, and humbled by what this sport has done in my life so far, and I plan on upholding the standard for as long as I live. Powerlifting is about bettering yourself as a lifter, citizen, and friend. Team PrettySTRONG keeps my dream alive.


“Circumstances can be individual. No matter the result, own your performance and take responsibility for your actions. We all have different standards that we live by. Maintain yours and do the very best you can. That’s all anyone can ever expect.” -Matt Gary


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